Tyram Lakes Development Progress

Development Progress



All the car park area has now been cleared and fibre/electric/drainage and service cables are being laid.

There will be 65 Car parking spaces with 20 Electric Vehicle charging points for Tyram’s first phase of 50 Eco Lodges!

Also, each luxury Eco Lodge will also have its own Electric Buggy too!

In come the Screeding Machines…

Adjacent to the car park where the Tyram Luxury Hotel’s footprint will be, we are recycling 10’s of thousands of tons of materials from within our site with a screeding machine. This provides us with raw materials such as 6F5, which is recycled aggregate produced from crushed hardcore and concrete. The machine(s) is/are also providing us with 20-40mm graded stone with a 6N certification (specification/grading) - this to be used throughout the entire site.

The Artificial Island At Tyram…

We have also started to develop the artificial island which will be a designated nature preservation area for wildlife and bird nesting habitation. The lake has also been partially drained in order to construct this magnificent Bird island!

Over 1km stretch of retaining walls, lodges and more…

Now the lake has been partially drained, all the various levels are being graded by a convoy of machines in preparation for the construction of over 1 km of retaining dry walls, lodges, pathways and the circular road.
That’s right, you have seen correctly…over 1 km! After all, this is a 22-acre lake!

Any and all excess materials are then loaded onto large 22- tonne Dumper trucks!
These items will then be sent to our recycling area to be screeded; thus, providing us with new materials.

Large scale 10-tonne rollers are also used to compact the ground to 300mm off thickness all around the lake too…

Cabling and Piping

Trenches are being dug measuring a total of over 3 km! This will be for installation of our HV (High Voltage) and LV (Low Voltage) cables. Adjacent to this will be our drainage pipes which will travel to our pumping stations and then to our organic reed bed system.

The lake and inner retaining walls

Over 1 km of dry walling has arrived and ready to be constructed to provide us with a beautiful retaining wall around the inside of the lake.