About Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort


Set in the heart of the Humberside Peatlands, Hatfield Moor and the National Nature Reserve, the Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort delivers a unique concept - luxurious holidaying in harmony with nature, set in super stylish accommodation in the midst of wonderful countryside, all underpinned with ecological & eco-friendly innovation.

The vision of the Tyram Lakes management team is to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To create a haven within natural surroundings.
  • To exhibit an eco-friendly and sustainable concept without compromising on luxury.
  • To create a unique and modern environment; one which is sophisticated but not out of reach.
  • To provide eco lodging that is simultaneously aesthetically appealing and environmentally friendly.

The Development - Background

The design concept itself allows for the creation of a beautiful eco getaway that complements the adjacent woodlands and the pristine lakes. In addition, the development has been carefully designed to give a high degree of consideration to the preservation of its natural surroundings.

Tyram Lakes will be the UK’s only eco lodge, spa and hotel resort establishment that offers a vast spread of natural landscapes, hidden trails
and breathtaking scenery – this making for comfort during both short and long stays.


CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER                          

Alexander is a construction and real estate entrepreneur whose expertise and experience derives from a family built business stemming back several generations.
Alexander’s expertise helped the family business develop an award winning Nursing / Care home portfolio as well as building high quality 4-bedroomed detached residential properties .

As part of Alexander’s property prowess, he has more recently added to his real estate portfolio with investments made in land and related assets, such investments include the luxury Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort in Hatfield, South Yorkshire.

Alexander’s family property portfolio encapsulates a range of development assets ranging from stables, eco lodges, hotels, forestry and land, apartments and industrial units.

A true visionary, Alexander studied the trends in eco building and recognised an ideal opportunity to develop construction products which would be energy saving, eco-friendly, and could make a real contribution to society whilst maintaining his high standards of profitable and sustainable businesses.



EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                      

Through active involvement in successful family businesses, Alkush has acquired a clear and solid understanding of business development and operational matters within Property/Real Estate Development. This includes direct and hands-on-experience within the Central London market.

Alkush also brings 6 years of experience from positions held across the leisure industry and health & fitness sector. She has held Senior Management roles at luxury health club, gym and spa establishments, to which she has gained a wealth of knowledge and an enhanced skillset in sales, marketing, and human resources functions.

Alkush graduated with BA Hons in Law from Middlesex University.




Mike is a multi-skilled businessman with experience gained in a wide variety of trades and professional management roles. Amongst other things, he has worked on residential and commercial construction projects, undertaking and managing different types of build profiles with a keen eye for detail and always delivering very high standards.

He is a highly motivated and driven individual, constantly striving to achieve the very best standards and outcomes for the team. His work at Redrow Homes has included inspecting new build premises and sign-off for homebuyers, locating and highlighting building works faults, identifying unfinished works and organising remedial work.




With a wealth of experience at senior management level throughout a wide range of industries, Richard has been a successful digital marketing and PR consultant for the past 15 years, owning two Consultancy and Copywriting businesses.

During this period, Richard has been responsible for copywriting in excess of 400 websites from start-ups to multinational corporate websites, writing press-releases, research and subsequent reports, management statements and shareholder reports to complete business plans and newsletters in both digital and hard copy formats. As a specialist in ensuring websites are found organically, Richard has worked closely with members of the Google team as well as being a frequent “wordsmith” and copywriter for two of Australia’s more notable SEO companies.